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What preparations should I make before visiting a naturist club?
Generally none at all, apart from those you would normally make to go anywhere.  Bear in mind the outdoor nature of clubs however and the need for sun protection.
Are children likely to be shocked on their first visit to a naturist club?
No. Children take to nudity like ducks to water. Cases of children being upset by the sight of nude people are extremely rare.
What should I bring?
Comfortable footwear such as sandals or tennis shoes, towels, a blanket to spread out on, a picnic lunch, suntan oil. Please note: - It is not permitted to bring cameras on site without prior approval from the committee.
Will I have to go around naked all the time?
The simple answer is No. Our club is a place where you may take your clothes off, at certain times women may wish to wear a bikini bottom; when the weather cools off, everyone will cover up to differing degrees.
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